Cellars and Crawl Spaces

Crawl Spaces A sealed and conditioned crawl space with Isenberg Spray Foam insulation is the best solution to reduce air infiltration. A sealed crawl space is achieved when you eliminate all vents in the crawl space which stops all outside air infiltration to the crawl space. After you eliminate the venting of the crawl space you now need to seal the crawl space floor from the crawl space area. This seal normally consists of a 6 mil moisture/vapor barrier installed on the crawl space floor and sealed to the crawl space wall to keep the moisture from the soils down below the barrier. Finally, conditioning takes place by adding current heated or cooled air from the heating/cooling system directly into the crawl space. This keeps the temperature of the crawl space very consistent and close to the interior temperature of the home, regardless of the season. This helps reduce moisture build up on the duct work, reducing humidity levels, and allow the heating and cooling system to supply air flow through the duct work in the same temperature it will be received in the interior of the home.

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